NBA Finals 2017: Cavs appear ready to change up rotation to save series

The Cavaliers may be poised to pull out all the stops Friday night during Game 4, as they try to save the series.

Cleveland is in a seemingly inescapable 3-0 hole after blowing Game 3 of the NBA Finals at home Wednesday night. Now, they will have to win four straight games against the mighty Warriors to reclaim the trophy.

“I always say I want to handle [sports decisions] like my parents did: It was always open and up to me to make that decision,” Nowitzki said. “I think the only thing, the only sport I don’t want them to play is football. And I know we all love our football here, but that’s a little rough for me with the head injuries. I know it’s a little soft, but that’s something I probably won’t allow.”

Oddly, Nowitzki said he also wouldn’t push his kids to take up basketball. Instead he hopes they take a liking to tennis.

“I do want to start them out early with tennis, see if they like it, because to me it’s a great sport: You can start it young, you can play when you’re old and it’s great for the footwork. I think that’s something we’re going to start with them,” he said.

As long as they don’t inherit daddy Dirk’s soccer skills the little Nowitzkis should be just fine.

The Cavs scored the most points in any individual quarter in NBA Finals history in the first. Curry, Thompson, Green and Iguodala all have two fouls. Cleveland shot 14 of 22 as a team from the free-throw line. That was a bizarre quarter all the way around.