The Texans keep being a quarterback away from contending for the Super Bowl

Hoyer was OBriens choice. Much like Osweiler, by all accounts, was OBriens guy this year. That resulted in three interceptions and eight total by the two quarterbacks in two postseason exit’s.

The Texans keep being a quarterback away from contending for the Super Bowl. OBrien has won the division two years in a row and finished the regular season 9-7 all three years he’s been in Houston. The Texans play in a weak division just like the Patriots, by the way which shouldnt hurt.

And each year theyve hit the playoffs looking a little scary, like something of a threat but with half of the team scaring absolutely no one.

The Seahawks have patched together a line and crossed their fingers all year. Wilsons blind side is protected by George Fant, whose tale of being a converted basketball player is entertaining, but not always helpful. The rest of the line has been shuffled and replaced and reworked over and over.

Their big investment was one they made just this year, with first-round pick Germain Ifedi, drafted as a tackle and now playing guard.

Those kind of position changes, especially with players drafted low or signed from elsewhere, have worked in other places at other times. It hasnt worked at all in Seattle.

That’s inexcusable, especially with a franchise quarterback entering his prime years this was Wilsons fifth season, and he’s 28 and enough skill position talent to complement him. Theyre still uncovering potential stars out of nowhere, the latest being acrobatic wide receiver Paul Richardson. They’re still a 10-win, division-champion team. steelers_040

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