Ben McAdoo takes responsibility for hole Odell Beckham Jr. punched in Lambeau wall

Ben McAdoo has Odell Beckham Jr.’s back, at least somewhat, following another emotional outburst from the Giants receiver.

There’s a hole in the wall at Lambeau Field. We take full responsibility. I take full responsibility, McAdoo told reporters Monday, via MMQB.

Yeah, that hole it came from Beckham, who allegedly made it by throwing a tantrum after the Giants’ 38-13 loss to Green Bay.

Others in the Giants organization partially defended Beckham on Monday.

Tanaka is owed $22 million in 2018 and ’19, and $23 million in 2020, before he enters free agency after the 2020 season. 2017’s best-case, most realistic scenario for the Yankees isn’t exactly playing out: Tanaka would have pitched lights-out in 2017 and looked to opt out after this year, freeing the team of the money and potential future elbow issues.

Just a reminder: Tanaka was diagnosed with a partial UCL tear in 2014, his first year in the majors, rehabbed the injury, and has pitched since.

The Yankees have largely avoided bad contracts the past few seasons, and are even poised to shed some of them: Alex Rodriguez and C.C. Sabathia come off the books this year, after Mark Teixeira and others came off last season.

But truthfully, Tanaka has been as ineffective as infomercial diet pills, and it’s probably too late for him to turn this season completely around. Meaning he’ll stay in his contract, meaning he’ll be a Yankee for the next three years, meaning he’ll be owed a lot of money to be average to bad if he doesn’t improve.rams_087

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